BRÜT Party – Chicago IML Friday May 27th

May 27, 2022

BRÜT Party – IML American Hardcore

Kicking and Screaming is how we want you. Charged and full of adrenaline. Expressions of discontent and discord with the status quo. NORMAL is UGLY. Plain is foul. Conformity is mundane. Unhook those chains of servitude and cause a commotion. With the sweet scent of leather and sex in the air as IML descends on Chicago, we will rise-up and be who the fuck we want. This city needs more punk, needs more dissent, needs more scandal. Shameless in our attitudes, brazen in our attire, and enormous in our magnitude.

It’s just not a leather weekend without throwing in NYC’s hottest underground spice into the mix…the BRÜT party is back once again with our sell out event to invade Chicago territory over one of the hottest leather weekends in the world, IML will never be the same. This is the time, Punk is alive and it is Brüt!

Brüt is psyched to present house music legend MORABITO! Few names have dominated the dance scene over the course of three decades and remain as relevant, current and celebrated as she. Her instinctual understanding of music’s power and her ability to drive the night with a wide range of tribal, underground, progressive and tech house will keep you living your best life till the very end of the night.


Dan Darlington

Fantasy Night Club
3641 N Halsted St. Chicago – Doors Open 10pm

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