June 23, 2023

We are excited to announce the addition of our sellout event BRUTALLY PROUD to the OFFICIAL Heritage of PRIDE New York roster for Friday June 23rd.

Rejoice Children of BRÜT for your salvation has arrived. BRÜTALLY PROUD finally returns to Manhattan for NEW YORK PRIDE to the most convenient QUEEN-SIZED Goliath Hell’s Kitchen Venue – HK Hall (formerly Stage 48)

The Homo Holy land has been found and our musical pilgrimage into sexuality, spirituality, and sacred connection begins with lights and lasers. Celestial bodies join you on the dancer floor as impulses unify our movements into sweaty serenity.  You will not believe your eyes from this mythical production of shows, gogos, and performers as you enter this Nirvana.

Our zen will overtake the pandemonium and open you wide to receive our gifts of Hedonistic pleasures. 8 hours of nonstop magical house music to fracture reality and release you to infinity.

DJ’s Dan Darlington and Hector Fonseca prepare their tribute as we speed through space and time as the gods ascend our existence into divine intimacy.

Doors 10pm-6am
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