Dj Abel Aguilera: The worldwide phenomenon.

Abel Aguilera, who was raised in Miami, Florida, is an internationally acclaimed House music producer and remixer. At the age of fifteen, he recorded his first set of turntables and a mixer, marking the beginning of his musical journey. Known for his sensational Tech house music, Abel has become one of the most versatile and renowned DJs in the circuit party scene.

In 1994, he joined forces with Ralphi Rosario to form the production and remixing duo known as Rosabel. Their remixes have topped the charts on SoundCloud, with one of their best-selling remixes being Rihanna’s “Only Girl in the World.” Their exceptional work earned them recognition and a nomination for the 2012 Grammy Award in the Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical category.

As a result, Abel Aguilera has become a beloved figure within the LGBTQ+ community worldwide. With an outstanding track record, he frequented NYC party cruises and the best underground gay parties NCY. Abel, a highly regarded circuit house DJ, not only spins electrifying beats at popular gay parties and also takes charge of the music at BRÜT Party.

Abel Aguilera at Winter Party Festival 2023

In the year 2023, he received a special invitation to participate in the Winter Party Festival held in New York City, which is considered one of the premier events alongside NYC party cruises, Miami Beach Pride, and many others. His extraordinary performance at the festival was widely acclaimed as one of the finest. His remarkable contributions to the music industry have established him as a prominent talent in various genres including house, labels, tech, and Carrillo music. Furthermore, his charismatic personality, passion, and high-energy presence at global Pride events have solidified his position as a beloved DJ among the LGBTQ+ community across the country.

Abel Aguilera: Iconic stars delivering passionate performances.

Be it a remix like “Only Girl in the World” featuring Rihanna, a fusion of sounds encompassing tech house, underground house, and deep house styles, or a performance at any of the USA’s largest events within the dance community and circuit parties, DJ Abel Aguilera consistently delivers the same unwavering passion for house music that has endeared him to fans worldwide. Brace yourselves, New York, the real meat is ready for you.Prepare to be swept away in a dazzling storm of glitter whenever Abel Aguilera takes the stage, captivating everyone with his infectious and irresistible vibes.

Los Angeles’ Elite Gay Party Fusion!

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San Francisco Pride 2024

Queer dancing evolves into an unparalleled experience, honoring diversity and uniqueness in every form, as the night electrifies with the radioactive beats of TECH HOUSE MUSIC from three MYTHIC DJs - Karsten Sollors, T'Don, and Brian Kent!
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