Dan Darlington

DJ Dan Darlington Master The Beat

Dan Darlington, BRÜT Party founder and resident DJ! He for sure knows how to command the crowd and master the beats with his energetic style that has made his brand and events famous internationally. Longtime favorite of the circuit party scene and a globe-trotting DJ and event producer, his Unparalleled talent and magnetic presence, his high-energy performance and electrifying melodies of VOCAL-DRIVEN tech house music will reverberate through your body.

Dan Darlington: A Musical Journey from Classic Rock to House Beats

Born into a family with a deep love for music and raised on an eclectic diet of classic rock and pop tunes, DJ Dan Darlington has a musical style that’s as diverse as his influences. Drawing inspiration from iconic artists like Prince and the band Heart, Dan’s journey into the world of music began with creating mixtapes for friends.

A few years later, he was drawn into the hypnotic beats of late-night techno parties and the soulful rhythms of various genres of House music—Tech, Deep, Tribal, Jackin’, and Soulful. This exposure led to the creation of his signature sound: a mesmerizing blend of dark, dirty beats paired with seductive vocals.

From Scratch Academy Graduate to New York City’s Hot DJ

Dan stepped up his game by enrolling at the Scratch Academy in NYC, mastering the art of spinning vinyl. Armed with his newfound skills, computer-based DJ software, and his own decks and mixer, he started performing at local house parties and abandoned warehouses.

His classical piano training adds depth to his dynamic late-night sets, making him a standout figure in the music scene. Simply put, Dan’s performances are high-energy musical experiences that weave together house music and uplifting vocals.

A Prominent Figure in the New York City Club Scene

Now a regular feature of New York City’s nightlife, DJ Dan Darlington has carved out a niche for himself. From spinning at local hotspots and holding residence at Santos Party House with his club night production, Brüt, to being recognized as one of NYC’s leading club night promoters, Dan’s reputation is on the rise.

He has received rave reviews for his blended-style of jackin’ and tech house, and his performances at events like Bear Week at the Crown & Anchor, residencies for the popular Brüt parties across Chicago, San Francisco, LA, and New York, and appearances at major events such as NYC Pride and Los Angeles Pride, have solidified his place in the industry.

DJ Dan Darlington: A Global Name in House Music

Dan’s talent extends beyond the borders of New York City. He has performed at renowned venues like the Fire Island Pavilion and events like Sydney Australia’s Mardi Gras and Toronto’s New Year’s Eve Major Pitball Event. With regular appearances in Europe, Australia, Chicago, San Francisco, P-town, Fort Lauderdale, and Los Angeles, Dan Darlington is a name known worldwide.

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