DJ Morabito: The World-class Sensation

DJ Morabito, an American DJ hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, is based in New York. She is renowned for her exceptional talent in the genres of house music, electric house, and tech music. Not only is she the longest-running DJ in the industry, but she also actively participates in circuit parties and has performed at numerous pride events and clubs in New York City. These include underground gay parties, Palm Spring Pride, The Eagle New York City, and many others. DJ Morabito’s unmatched skill in creating a seamless and immersive dance floor experience has earned her immense respect within the LGBTQ+ community, setting her apart as a true icon.

Morabito at NYC Pride

DJ Morabito had the honor of being featured in the largest NYC pride events, which celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising. This event holds significance for the LGBTQ+ community worldwide. Morabito’s exceptional talent as a versatile and creative DJ in the genres of tech, techno, and house music was showcased, making her a standout performer. In addition to her contribution to the New York Pride event, she also brought her electrifying vitality to various gay cruises, Halloween events in Los Angeles, and the Pervert Masterbeat party.

DJ Morabito at Circuit Parties.

Among the numerous milestones in her career, one that holds great significance for Morabito is being the first woman ever invited to perform at The Black Party. This iconic event, organized by the Saint At Large organization, was one of the longest-running circuit parties for gay men in New York. In addition to The Black Party, DJ Morabito is highly hunted for her performances at other prominent events such as Masterbeat, BRÜT Folsom Street Fair, Alegria Pride NYC, and BRÜT Party Chicago Market Days. Her talent and reputation as a DJ have made her a prominent figure in these renowned events.

Morabito’s performance is a passionate and iconic display of talent.

DJ Morabito has established herself as a unique presence in the DJ industry, defying expectations in a male-dominated field. Whether she’s setting a low-key groove for a social gathering, performing at the Toys for Tots holiday charity event, or rocking the big BRÜT Folsom Street Fair, Morabito consistently delivers exceptional music mixing skills. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience her iconic artistry on the turntable. Get ready for an unforgettable all-night NYC party cruise.

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