BRÜT Party – FOLSOM San Francisco.

Ready for FOLSOM San Francisco?

Enter OUR world of flames and fire, as Brüt FOLSOM Friday takes flight!

The Great Northern will be transformed into a smoldering hotbed of music and pleasure-seeking, with lights and lasers blazing every corner of the lair. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a newcomer to the scene, this is the ultimate party to let loose and embrace your feral side.

Our flame keepers DJ Hector Fonseca and Deanne (PLUS, SPECIAL ADDITION: BRÜT DADDY DJ DAN DARLINGTON!!!) will be spinning the hottest Tech House tracks, igniting the crowd, and taking the party to the next level. This evening of sizzling beats and blazing basslines promises to be a true forge of sound and energy.

So, suit up your finest leather and prepare to wield your “sword” like a true dragon slayer, as we journey together towards the top of the mountain of gold. With a treasure trove of beats waiting to be conquered, the night promises to be full of excitement, passion, and all-out carnal energy.

Feel the heat of this inferno as smoke and flames light up the night and let yourself be consumed by the thrill of the moment. The dragon may be a fierce beast, but when it comes to the party of the year, we’re the ones who are going to slay….

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