Palm Springs Pride 2024

The BRÜT Party returns for PALM SPRINGS PRIDE with the event that sells out in a blink, BRÜTALLY PROUD at The Barracks, the sexiest venue to celebrate Pride in Palm Springs. In the heart of the desert, where the sands whisper secrets and the sky meet the earth on a night like no other. With primal man animals all jiving in unison under the watchful eye of the SHAMAN.

Major DJ lineup

This year’s palm springs pride 2024 lineup boasts THREE magnetic DJs who command the music scene with finesse. Their ability to blend VOCAL beats and read the crowd ensures a night of non-stop dancing and euphoria. Dive into an immersive experience where frisky men heighten the energy, seeking connection through touch and the mystical music.

Palm Springs Pride 2024 Dress Code

BRUTALLY PROUD, it’s an exploration of personal expression, daring individualism and acceptance. Embrace your true self in jockstraps, underwear, harnesses, or leather – all are welcomed here. A clothes check will be provided by The Barracks for your convenience.

San Francisco Pride 🏳️‍🌈

Get ready for an unmatchable night of electrifying TECH HOUSE MUSIC! 🏳️‍🌈 Dance to the beats of three legendary DJs Karsten Sollors, T'Don, and Brian Kent!

Market Days Chicago 🌈

The last VIP tier of tickets is now available online. 😈 Get yours now and prepare for a tidal wave of TECHNO beats with DJs Pagano and Dan Darlington.
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