The Return – Underground at Massive

Life accelerates

A Highlight Among Queer Events in Seattle

BRÜT is back with the most anticipated queer events in town, bringing all the power of the underground to the gay night clubs in Seattle.
The eclectic nightlife of the city thrives not only on its renowned coffee culture but also on the myriad of gay bars Seattle boasts. The newest addition, Massive, is set to redefine this landscape with The BRÜT Party, famed as the country’s LARGEST underground gay event. This convergence at Massive isn’t just a party; it’s a bold statement for Seattle gay clubs and a highlight among Seattle gay events.

The Pulse of Gay Nightlife in Seattle

Leather-clad warriors of the night, along with the artists of the underground, gather here, exuding an aura of ‘scumbag confidence’ that is both intoxicating and invigorating. Massive transforms into a verdant oasis of rhythm and revelry, where DJ Shortstacks sows an enchanting sonic garden on the mezzanine level. Meanwhile, the unmatched duo DJs Dan Darlington and Brady Prince, masters of tech house, graft their beats with the menace of nightshade, cultivating anthems rich with forbidden fruit, dripping with scandalous desire on the 3rd level, marking a memorable chapter in gay Seattle events.

A clothes check will be available for your convenience.

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