Karsten Sollors

Dj Karsten Sollors: The Master of the Beat.

Karsten Sollors, a renowned DJ and music producer, is an influential figure in the electronic music scene with a strong connection to the Chicago sound. As a Canadian export, he has caught the attention of the industry’s top players with his unique style across the house spectrum.

Sollors’ music, deeply embedded in the vibrant scenes of house and techno, resonates with fans worldwide. His collaborations span numerous record labels such as Toolroom Records, Repopulate Mars, Nervous Records, Farris Wheel Recordings, Simma Black, and Stashed, further demonstrating his diverse skills. He also heads his own label, Sollors Systems.

Karsten Sollors: Beyond the Decks.

Sollors goes beyond being a successful DJ, dedicated to evolving his sound while keeping true to his roots. His work extends to live performances, where he captivates audiences with his energetic sets.

Karsten Sollors: An LGBTQ+ Advocate in the Music Industry.

Sollors leverages his platform to support and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. As an openly gay DJ, he contributes to creating a safe and inclusive space for queer people within the electronic music scene.

Additionally, Sollors was featured in Palm Springs Pride week which offers much more than just circuit parties, with stages of great entertainment and the Pride parade and Karsten was also part of the NYC Pride.

Breaking Barriers: Karsten Sollors’ Journey in Music.

Karsten Sollors’ success story serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists, proving that talent paired with passion and determination can lead to great heights in the music industry. He continues to shatter barriers, not only with his music but also with his commitment to promoting inclusivity and diversity in the music world.

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