Michael Thomas began his journey on the decks in the mid ‘90s in a friend’s downtown loft for a small private party. During the party Michael was offered his first gig to play publicly, leading him to his first DJ residency at Cleveland’s newest bar, Club Visions, where he would remain for the next almost two years developing his following and honing his craft. Quickly recognized for his uplifting sound and unique story-telling placed Michael in high demand, adding him to the rosters of national events like The Ohio Boy’s Club parties and Dancin’ in the Streets in Cleveland, Corbett Reynolds’ ‘Rudely Elegant’ Red Party in Columbus and Change of Seasons in Atlanta to name a few. Michael has been a frequent returning guest DJ at nightclubs throughout the U.S. and has helmed multiple residencies in Cleveland, Fort Lauderdale and Chicago. Some of Michael’s strongest early influences like veteran DJs and legends Mark Tarbox, Susan Morabito and Buc or famed producers Frankie Knuckles, Mark Picchiotti and David Morales are still inherently present and recognizable in his sets today – uplifting vocals and banging piano keys and horns, sexy Afro and tribal rhythms and percussions, underground tech or warm melodic techno. Michael’s timing and his command of the room are proof to a resumé that spans nearly two decades. His versatility as a DJ has booked him gigs for tea dance to after hours for big rooms such as U4IA in Cleveland or Tabernacle in Atlanta to the intimate Posh or Sidebar in Fort Lauderdale.

Michael Thomas had been away from the decks for nearly a decade while he focused on his bar career, family and self. During that time he was part of the development team and later became Head Bartender for one of the country’s leading cocktail bars, Sable Kitchen & Bar in Chicago. During his tenure at Sable Kitchen & Bar, Michael gained national attention in publications like Imbibe, Timeout, Forbes, Chicago Tribune, Plate, Men’s Journal, Travel & Leisure, Wine Enthusiast, Bar & Restaurant and Zagat and was a key contributor to the bar earning national accolades: “10 Best Restaurant Bars in Chicago” by USA Today, “Best Hotel Bars” by Food and Wine, “Best Bars in America” by Esquire, “Best Bar Team” and “Best American Hotel Bar” by Tales of the Cocktail. During this time he also married his long-term partner and soul mate, Canadian-born artist Darren Jones.

Recently, Michael is speaking publicly about his ‘aha’ moment(s) during the COVID-19 lockdown and how he was brought back to the music. In lockdown, he faced his demons with eyes wide opened and triumphed over his many years’ battle with addiction and is now living sober. In his sobriety, he says he is “learning self-love,” has adopted “an essential routine of self-care” and has uncovered a new found spirituality where he’s discovered his muse, Philyra. Michael’s return to the DJ booth is bringing a new maturity and a refreshed sound that he credits to life experience – the struggles and celebrations, alike. With an invigorated perspective and his self-proclaimed “reincarnation” combined with his music, one might say they are listening to the soundtrack of his life. Michael’s ability to create a “journey” for his dance floor has never been more apparent and will undoubtedly continue to propel him to tell his story and write his “soundtrack.”

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